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We put great emphasis on diligence and safety

In the area of air freight handling, we take care of your shipment, reliably and professionally. We take on the physical and documentary handling of import and export shipments, including hazardous goods. Processing and temporary storage takes place in our modern and permanently monitored warehouse.


Warehouse Conditions

Safely loaded

We prepare freight for the flight, using our spacious warehouse with an area of 5,000 square metres as well as a comprehensive fleet of forklifts, pallet trucks, loading ramps, truck docks etc. With our long-standing experience and professional know-how upheld by regularly repeated training, we guarantee reliable processing of your shipment.

Of course we adhere to the legal regulations in EU Regulation 800/2008 as well as all additional laws and regulations. Our work is grounded in a high level of security. This is guaranteed by monitoring via security cameras around the clock.

Our warehouse is open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 10 pm.



Simply leave it to us

In the area of exports, we guarantee a smooth execution of the physical logistics of your goods. We look after your export goods: from receipt, to temporary storage due to transport requirements, to correct labelling, to delivery to the airline, all the way through to customs clearance at the airport. We are also happy to build aircraft pallets for you (ULDs or BUP units, main and lower deck).

We carefully check that each individual shipment is complete and undamaged. In addition, we check existing package seals, if relevant, as well as tilt and shock indicators.

It goes without saying that we adhere to all legal and airline-based regulations. Our staff receive regular training in this area.



Safe arrival, perfectly cleared

Our service in the area of imports includes unloading from the HGV, goods receipt, writing damage reports, sorting by AWB number, loading goods on to pallets and handing over to various collectors.

During clearance we carefully check that each individual shipment is complete and undamaged. This includes checking package seals, if relevant, as well as tilt and shock indicators.



Well equipped for your freight

For the daily processing of import and export shipments, we have high-performance and regularly inspected forklifts, pallet trucks and loading ramps available. Special forklifts with particular lifting capacity support us with the transport of completed units with slave pallets.

Completed units are loaded and unloaded from HGVs in our modern truck dock.

Our warehouse is equipped with a 24-hour surveillance system, offering maximum security.


Hazardous goods

No risk – because safety is key

Each year, our staff receives new training on hazardous goods. Our warehouse has an area that is specially set up for the temporary storage of shipments of hazardous goods due to transport requirements. Of course this is equipped with all necessary items such as salvage drum, fire extinguisher and collection tray.

On request we also perform DGR checks in accordance with IATA/ICAO regulations.