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We help you save time and avoid stress

In the export and import sector within Europe, the execution of professional customs formalities is part of our service. For our customers it’s often a time-intensive and painstaking task; for us it’s routine.



Duty done, stress-free shipping

We are happy to take care of the export customs clearance of the the airway bill for you, at all European domestic airports. In special cases such as transit, CITES, A.T.A. carnets and customs inspections, we are supported by experienced tax consultants.

Thanks to a direct connection to AES (ATLAS export) and our status as an authorised consignee, we can handle the customs process for our customers in a quick and uncomplicated manner.



We take care of it

We provide support in the area of import customs clearance. We take care of transports between customs warehouses, the dismantling and distribution of BUP units, neutralisation of goods, and the execution of customs and veterinary inspections.

Since 2012 we have held the status of authorised consignee and of depository warehouse, which means that we can support you with your dutiable goods. Our services include presenting dutiable goods, executing changes of depository, allocating goods and performing customs-related allocations.